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About Us

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We are a group of Digital Asset analysts. We buy and sell all your digital assets and are timely in delivery. Reliable. Customer friendly with top notch customer service.
We buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, and other known digital assets.


With JimmWallet, all you get is the best possible service and nothing else.
Believe us on that!

Safe and Trusted
No cheating, no manipulation, a simple google search speaks volume of our credibility,
Instant Exchange
You will receive funds immediately your coin gets atleast 1 blockchain confirmation.
Best Market Rates
We take pride in putting happiness on customers' faces and good rates does that perfectly.
How it works

The process of exchanging crypto currencies to naira on our platform is very easy and simple.

  1. Contact Us

    To initiate a trade, you have to contact us on Whatsapp on +2348125775821 or just click Here. We carry out trade activities on Whatsapp because it is more interactive,

  2. Transfer coin

    We will give you the current market rate. Once you agree to it, a crypto currency wallet will be sent to you to send in your digital asset. Once you’ve done that at your end, kindly send in the blockchain transaction hash for us to monitor the blockchain confirmation from our end. Priority Sending fee is advised for faster confirmation on blockchain

  3. Wait for payment

    Kindly Wait for us to verify the transaction on blockchain while you also Monitor at your end. Once there’s 1 blockchain confirmation, you provide your account details and payment will be processed instantly.

  4. Buy Coin

    Buying bitcoin just got easier. We sell volumes of Bitcoin at a good rate and deliver on time. To buy kindly click the link below for rate. (Please note that we sell from 2k$ worth of Btc upward)

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